There isn't much information here about Yoga but you will find abundance of it in our classes.  Please come to explore your Yoga with us and accept all the benefits Yoga has to offer.  We have students on many different levels with many different needs but all of them come to change their lives hoping to attend few classes to make them feel better and then they stay and continue.  Because Yoga is a lifestyle and has no finish line.

If you'd like to read about their experiences visit the 'About Us' page.

... and true empowerment can only be achieved when the approach to yoga is modified based on our needs. Movements from posture to posture and through each posture have many elements, each affecting each one of us in a different way. I emphasize this uniqueness and will help you to find your own path on this journey.

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Yoga takes place within you and can be practiced anywhere you are.

Bring Yoga into your life and take it with you wherever your life takes you.

Life is Yoga and Yoga, like life, is a journey.

There is no destination but a movement, from one moment to another, from one breath to the next one.

We keep arriving but we never arrive.

... in many different places in Colorado, around Thornton, Broomfield, Erie, Lafayette, Boulder and Longmont.  We are truly nomadic about yoga. You can come to our studios or you can schedule a private session at your home and invite your friends to join you.  We can also come to teach Yoga in your office, at your birthday party or at any other gathering.  Please visit 'Classes and Fees'  page for details.

If you have any questions about Yoga, our services, classes, schedules, locations or questions related to your concerns with exercising, please ask.We will respond promptly.

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